We seize the opportunity and resolve payment disruptions with added value

Payment disruptions happen due to a wide variety of motives and are often only of a temporary nature. Paycoach sees payment disruptions as an opportunity to retain customers in the long term.
With our services, we take advantage of this important moment in the customer relationship and ensure that customers with payment problems become satisfied, paying customers again.


Paycoach competently covers the entire range of services in debt collection: pre-legal, legal, judicial and abroad. The portfolio is actively managed on an ongoing basis using state-of-the-art processes and all components are monitored automatically. In this way, our well-trained, consistently multilingual staff can coach your customers intensively and resolve the majority of payment disruptions.

International debt collection

This is complemented by an international partner network, which is available in almost all countries. Whether at home or abroad: the customer relationship is always in the centre of attention.

Loss certificate management

If receivables are to be written off and loss certificates are issued, these are processed in the paycoaching process. Through state-of-the-art procedures, the portfolio is intensively monitored and managed with a long-term focus.

Paycoach also buys loss certificates
In particular older loss certificates lie in the folders like a guilty conscience. There is still money to collect, but you think the effort is too great and the chances of success too small. Paycoach does the work for you – whether it’s one loss certificate or many.

Debt purchase

Sometimes it makes sense to sell receivables directly. This directly supports liquidity and frees up funds that can be used for innovation or simply directly increase profitability. If this is desired, Paycoach analyses the receivables in question and issues an offer for the purchase. This option is open for a one-off sale or for revolving sales.

Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity?

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